Mt. Rose Drawing Dawn over Reno

A very rare early ‘purple’ dawn to begin 2022 (1/7/22 7:05am).  I have seen only three such dawns over the last several years.

Welcome To (as in PHotoART) is a celebration of the absolutely stunning beauty of the high desert of the northeast Sierra, near Reno, NV.  For the visitor and the Truckee Valley homesick, I offer galleries of pictures; gold nuggets of natural awe for some moments of comfort and escape.  For those who are convinced that nothing substitutes for the beauty of nature, I will be offering large format prints of the picture that touches you.

A Rainbow Colorbombs Los Altos

Sheets of rain are making this rainbow at sunset look like a billowing ribbon.

Steel grey clouds turn the rainbow into a sparkling jewel.


Copyright Logo Robert J. Mittan

The desert is often incredibly beautiful.  I did not want to put some in-your-face copyright over these pictures and spoil your enjoyment.  The dragon does punk every picture on, but it slyly hides.  Where is it lurking in your favorite picture?

1.     Personal use ONLY is permitted for these pictures.  You can use them for a screen saver for example.  You cannot reproduce them as stationery, cards, posters, or collections without an image license.  All copyrights are reserved.  The dragon will bite you if you attempt to remove it from any picture.

2.     Any commercial, religious, governmental, educational, marketing, or other non-personal use of these pictures or collections of these pictures will only be permitted with prior, written image licenses and payment of fees.  Violate this and the dragon will blast fire up your…well, you know.

3.     These pictures are made with a very large format DSLR.  These photos are meant for large, printed art pieces for walls and ceilings.  Availability will depend upon demand (or whether anyone even likes them.)

Explore the Galleries

These online pictures are meant to be seen on a large screen in low ambient light.  To brighten the pictures enough to see them well in a bright environment causes the detail in the highlights get ‘blown out.’  So find a dark room and see everything your eye should see.  A computer monitor, or better, a large panel TV is ideal for enjoying these photos.  Sometimes the desert speaks most brilliantly in black and white, so be sure to visit the ‘Ode to Ansel Adams’ gallery set.